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Newcastle Rising Damp Solutions is a Newcastle NSW based business specialising in the treatment and repair of rising damp in homes and buildings built between the late 1800’s to 1950’s. Common symptoms of rising damp in Brickwork is crumbling mortar. We are Newcastle’s only accredited applicator for both the Dryzone and Westox W50 rising damp remedial systems.

Owned by Newcastle builder Brett Hogan, a second-generation builder well known for his broad knowledge, expertise and attention to detail in heritage house restorations and renovations with over 38 years experience in the industry. Rising damp is a surprising common problem found in many heritage brick houses built before the 1950’s. In the Greater Newcastle area, these  houses are often found within the suburbs of Hamilton South, Hamilton, Cooks Hill, Bar Beach, Merewether, The Junction, Adamstown, Georgetown, Waratah, Mayfield, Stockton, Maitland and Lorn. It is common for the damp course material used in the construction of these houses to break down over time, allowing moisture containing salts to rise up through the capillaries of brickwork from the ground below. These salts build up in the brickwork and mortar joints over a period of time and attract airborne moisture. It is the expansion and contraction of these salts which cause the familiar rising damp symptoms of crumbling mortar and at a later stage, the erosion of bricks. Simply repairing the brickwork of your house will not solve the problem. Similarly it is not sufficient to just cover up the problem with a special paint or coating in the hope that the problem will go away. Only by engaging a rising damp treatment specialist to install a replacement damp-proof course will the problem be solved for the long term. Without rectifying the house’s rising damp issues, the life expectancy of the new mortar can be reduced to as little as a few years and in extreme cases – months.


Has your house in Newcastle or Maitland got mortar falling out between the bricks? Is the mortar  in your brickwork turning to powder?  Chances are your house has Rising Damp – and we can help you.


Ensuring each rising damp rectification runs smoothly.

Our Client Testimonials

The pay off from all the hard work!

Keith & Rosemary GraftDawson StreetCooks Hill
A big thank you Brett for your advice and attention to detail. Lovely to see tradesman who are so helpful and are actually happy to be on the job.
Bruce & Sharon RobinsonDumaresq StreetHamilton South
It’s been almost 20 years since I first used your services, always a pleasure to deal with, and I never cease to be amazed by your knowledge and passion for period homes. Great value, brilliant service.


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Newcastle Rising Damp Repairs – Newcastle Rising Damp Solutions is a Newcastle NSW based business specialising in Rising Damp Treatment in brick homes. Should you require assistance regarding the Treatment and Repairs of Rising Damp in brickwork, feel free to call Brett Hogan on 0447 591 121 for a friendly obligation free quotation.